Supper Clubs & Pop Ups

London’s food scene isn’t limited by restaurants, cafes and markets. Chefs and food entrepreneurs also have their hands on supper clubs and pop ups to create vibe, draw crowd and showcase visiting talents.

Here’s the list of what The Skinny Bib has checked out!

Ben Spalding @ The Critical Couple
Ben Spalding @ The Loft Project
Brett Graham @ The Critical Couple

Dante Fried Chicken Pop Up
Dishoom Chowpatty Beach Bar
French Launderette Supper Club @ The Chancery Restaurant
French Laundery Pop Up @ Harrods
Grazing Asia Pan Asian Supper Club
Hawksmoor Pop Up @ Pitt Cue Co.
Koffman’s Supper Club
Leluu Vietnamese Supper Club
Miles Irving @ The Loft Project
Minotaur 2011, The + Pret a Diner @ Old Vic Tunnel
Pitt Cue Co. Pop Up
Plusixfive Singaporean Supper Club
Rock Lobsta Pop Up
Sabrina’s Kitchen @ Ferdie’s Food Lab
Taste of London 2011
Tilda Diwali Supper Club @ Grazing Asia
Young Turks @ The Loft Project
Young Turks @ The Ten Bells
Young Turks @ Restaurant In Residence

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  1. Hello,

    I’m not sure if you are interested but I’m running a pop-up restaurant in Islington for the next 2 weeks. We had a busy first week and would welcome anyone who wants to come along. Booking is pretty essential. You can find out more about the PipsDish Pop Up at

    thank you very much


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