Brett Graham @ The Critical Couple

Oh, what!? You have not heard about the supper club at The Critical Couple?

Controversial fine-dining-focused restaurant bloggers David and Nicole Williams AKA The Critical Couple open their kitchen door and invite chefs in to fornicate the DREAM meals! This is the showcase of talented chefs with unlimited budget that will essentially allow them to choose best ingredients and cook up feasts unrestricted by the economic rules of demand and supply. The meal is FREE!! Yes, Jason Atherton, Johnny Mountain and Alyn Williams had so far cooked you free food!!! But, there is a catch. This is a charity supper club sponsored by the Couple, Glenfarclas and Chroma Knives. At the end of the meal you are asked to donate what you can to Action Against Hunger and at present there is no minimum cap.


Getting an invite into the supper club @ The Critical Couple is much like winning Euromillion mini-jackpots. There are only 14 seats. (NO, the CC don’t receive ten thousands of calls daily like Noma) And, this is strictly NOT a first-come-first-served event. There is this mystery, a sort not remarkably dissimilar to Come Dine With Me, that (most of) the diners are randomly selected by the Couple.


You’ll follow them couple on Twitter via @CriticalCouple , check their site for the chef line-up and apply for your seat (here). Tick tock. You wait for your golden ticket.. basically you’ll have to force yourself to converse with the CC on Twitter. End of the day this is their pad and they still have to make sure they’re not taking in too many bonkers.

Last Monday feast was my JACKPOT.

I received a brief DM informing me of an available spot at the Brett Graham event chez CC. Yes, the “Brett Graham” chef patron of two-starred Ledbury, No.34 on San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant List, and the recent winner of Catey Chef Award 2011.

The meal – 10-course plus canapes – was sensational. Boundary pushing but did not negate comfort. Some signature dishes such as Truffle Toast and Buffalo Curd & Onion Consomme made their appearance in a much more refined form.

Other dishes were Hand Picked Crab, Wagame Oil, Courgette & Frozen Parmesan (1), Salad of Tomatoes, Dried Olives, Goat Cheese & Green Tomato Juice (2), Broccoli Stem, Grilles Lobster, Natural Yogurt, Spiced Brown Butter (3), Turbot, Elderflower, Wild Fennel & Mousserons (4), Pork Jowl, Spices & Dried Chicory (5), Roe Deer in Fir, Beetroot & Black Currants (6 – no picture), Wild Strawberries, Verbena Meringue (7 – no picture) and Chocolate Pave, Milk Puree & Lovage Ice Cream (8). Came with wine pairing. The quality of the picture worsened as the evening descended into drunkenness.

To me, the turbot, the pork and the roe deer stood out in their aromatic wonder and explosion of flavours. Melt-in-yer-mouth pork jowl was accompanied by crackl-ilicious skin and bitter sweet reduction of chicory that together as a dish was delicious and deceptively oriental. The game-y deer was exquisite in richness and smelled of fir with which it was burned in open fire. NO you won’t get all the description from here. I’d recommend you checking out the CC write-up (here) ^_^

At the end of this exuberant meal a very decent sum of money – which I was later told was record-breaking – was raised. … and yes this goes for a very, very great cause. David, although sans Nicole, played a great host, and everybody left with some goodies in hands!! And I seriously couldn’t wish for anything more exuberant ;)


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