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Michelin Stars on Supermarket Shelves

Thank you, my dearest reader, for informing me of this new Waitrose pie range by Heston Blumenthal. All I could do for er, really, was to test/taste the pies.

At Waitrose, before my encounter with the supermarket pie made by the three-Michelin-starred chef of the Fat Duck, I saw this box of macaroons, a supermarket invention, also, by a Michelin chef.

With Lanvin’s collaboration with H&M to be launched next month, I couldn’t help thinking, “These pies and macaroons must be like when fashion designers start doing stuff with high street labels?”. And, their (the designers’) stuff usually turned out shit. I seriously wouldn’t put my expectation up for these supermarket goodies.

Searching through all the shelves, I finally found this new pie range. There were three fillings on offer: Steak, Ale and Kombu, Chicken, Ham and Leek, and Spinach and Three Mushrooms. Being a carnivore, I grasped one Steak, one Chicken, and off to the till.

At home, Heston asked me (through the instructions) to beat one egg and brush it all over the pies. Here they were, before going into the pre-heated 190 degree oven.

Thirty five minutes later, I took out my gourmet pies. They rose beautifully and looked really yummy. WOW!!

First I cracked my Steak, Ale and Kombu pie. The salty, seaweed-y fragrance of the kombu oozed out, and the filling leaked out wonderfully. The meat was tender, and the pie so crispy. It actually tasted much better than £2.61!!!

My other bib also spoke very highly of his humble Chicken pie. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste it.

Finishing the pies, we turned our attention to Raymond Blanc’s macaroons. There were twelve not-that-massive pieces in the box, six different flavours: chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, strawberry and lemon.

I had my first bite and these macaroons happened to be ones of the very good ones I’d ever had! The texture of the meringue was quite similar to ones from Paul’s but the flavoured fillings were a lot more delicate. Another good thing about these macaroons was that they could last a bit longer than, say, La Duree or Pierre Herme.

My favourite? It was this pistachio one :-9

The supermarket prevailed this time, I suppose. And yes, our dinner cost less than £15 for two. What can I say? Waitrose, I couldn’t love you more xxx

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One HAM-tastic Night in Barcelona

Apologies for not putting up new posts sooner. My excuse is that there are so many pictures, stories and awesome gastronomic memories between these five days in Barcelona, and I simply don’t know where to begin.

In the end, I made my mind up and am now blogging the BEST of Spain. Yes, your guess is right, I’m writing about HAM!!!!!!

The world’s most reputed ingredient from Spain, don’t try to argue, is the ham (Jamon) made from cured pork from one specific Iberian (Iberico) breed. The ham I have tasted and highly recommend is this one by Meson Cinco Jotas. Because it’s simply the BEST ham in the world!!!!

Meson Cinco Jotas pigs are fed with acorns and aromatic grass. They are also free-range–with the freedom to run and roam the meadows of Spain’s south-western peninsula, though I’d doubt they’d run freely into the slaughterhouse. This feeding coupled with timed exercise does wonder to the meat. How? The fat infiltrates the muscular mass creating this wonderful melt-in-your-mouth texture.

So, where can you eat Meson Cinco Jotas ham? The company owns six restaurants across Spain–in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Las Palmas, Jabugo and Valencia–where you can just pop in and have the finest and most delicious ham in the world instantaneously sliced and served to you.

When I walked into their restaurant in Barcelona on Rumbla de Cataluna. There were some really good signs, like this spectacular display of cured ham shoulders, a very bustling Spaniards-packed ambiance, and the master slicer with a long knife!!

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