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Saporiamo, Modena

Pasta..non basta!

Never enough. No. Pasta is my thing, and whilst in Modena, I stumbled into this modern-looking pasta shop con deli that overlooked Piazza XX Settembre. Saporiamo, meaning “tasty!”, prided itself in a handing over of traditional pasta recipes. Some large display fridges played shrines to dry, freshly and beautifully folded tortellini, tortelloni, passatelli and so on. There was also an abundance of deli options, from basic pasta sauce, ready-to-eat pasta and ready-to-eat many things. Some produce and cooking essentials were on the shelves. No seating. No English menu. No English speaking shopkeepers. Takeaway and (for those not imbued with Italian language proficiency) sign language only. Microwaving was on the house. I felt oddly welcomed and much drawn to the deli, though.


Budget on the go

I managed these two small tubs. One was Spiralini (I think) sauteed with pancetta and asparagus. Perfectly seasoned. Rightly al dente. The asparagus slices were braised to burst natural juice. The other was chicken breasts cooked with cubes of fresh porcini mushrooms. Fragrant and delectably salted. The chicken was adequately tender. When it came to the price – in this case about €4 in total!! – both were breathtakingly amazing for takeaway food. While Modena isn’t particularly a cheap destination, I was very happy to come across a cheap find ^_^


GO FOR: Freshest pasta to take away. Fantastic value.

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Piazza 20 Settembre, 24
41121 Modena

Tel. +39 059 221 799