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Kai Pe, Getaria

I went to Getaria in search of two things, goose barnacles and Balenciaga. While I found the Museum of the latter (a full photo album of which is on Skinny Bib Facebook Page) very hemmingly informative, I did not get to suck any barnacles. “It’s so out of season”, the waitress at Kai Pe made this remark. “Out of season” always pisses me off, be it for clothes or barnacles…

Kai Pe.. a good fish restaurant in this tiny fishing village of Getaria recommended by Akelarre. Very relaxed but with a rather decent looking clientele, the restaurant overlooks a port and a fish market. I’d say, a Basque equivalence of London’s Billingsgate. I did not go. Too many seagulls. The menu prided itself in fresh fish of major portion size. On my own, I had very limited choices of fish to be caged and grilled on charcoal fire. “Haddock?”, said the waitress. It was the only asador item for a lone diner.


I did not endure flights to San Sebastian and took a bleeping taxi to Getaria to eat haddock. No matter how fresh it was and how Spanish it tasted… NO!

Crusty bread was served on the menu. Free tuna chunks with chopped onions and olive oil. As good as it got. I only went for jamon and a spider crab. The latter was served boiled. Decent jamon. A little dry. The crab came very fresh I could smell mud on its claws. Actually I could still SEE mud on its claws. As faultlessly fresh as a super fresh crab could be. It also tasted of salt, of crab and, well, of mud. Were they just not bothered to wash it off?

The bill came to €60 with water and orange juice. I lingered near the asador and daydreamed what I had just missed.


On a second thought.. I should have gone for the haddock -__-”

NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!

Walking around in Getaria was cool. Very honest-looking town. Hardly any foreign tourists. Many fish stalls. Guts, blood, carcasses, just my kinda things.

Enough said,

My head rating says, “7 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “6 out of 10″.


General Arnao 4

Tel. +34 943 140 500