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Eat. Live. Read. And learn (from eating). London based. Thai. (Act on impulse).

This blog is a *rough draft* of what I come across culturally through eating. It focuses on one of the world’s most multicultural food capitals, London, along with notes from far and wide. Usually, I archive my worldly travels on my Facebook Page HERE.  I am also an Instagram addict, but I only put things I really love there.

I, so far, have been mentioned in The Huffington Post, CNN Travel, Four Magazine, Metro and TimeOut London and has also been featured by art and design magazines in Taiwan and Japan. And I write regularly for Wallpaper* Magazine (Thailand Edition) and occasionally for The Maitre D’ column in Qatar Airways’ Oryx In-Flight Magazine. I am also a contributor to FOOL magazine.

Between years 2012-13, I agreed to be followed around by a talented crew and share thoughts on what food (and “world’s best” restaurants) is. This has materialized into a feature film called Foodies: The Culinary Jetset (to be released in 2014 in cinema worldwide by Fortissimo Films).


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