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MEATmarket: London’s Institution Burgers Arrive at Tourist-land

MEAT in a touristy market..

MEATmarket – the newborn sibling of London’s famed #Meateasy and MEATliquor – is where one can enjoy a very clatteringly touristy view from the Deck of Jubilee Hall Market (AKA the other market in Covent Garden Piazza that Londoners don’t go to) 7 days a week. There are two entrances – one next to Wagamama on Tavistock Street and the other from within the Jubilee Hall Market (albeit with no sign and accessible only when the market is opened). Bright and airy, this burger place is a pretty “speedy” caff that offers both eat-in and takeaway options. The slightly uncomfortably high chairs/stools ensure a quick turnover, and despite the super friendly staff, I always perch, eat and leave. (I assumed others did the same as during a few “peak” times that I went MEATmarket was nowhere as busy as MEATliquor).

The menu, following the same ethos of naughty burgers as MEATliquor, was brief and divided distinctly between burgers and hotdogs, approximately priced around £7.50. There was barely any booze, apart from the now infamous Jagermeister Shake (£5); soft drinks were served bottomless. I loved Poppaz (£4 for 4 pieces) – double-sized, thumb-shaped croquettes filled with cheese and chopped Jalapenos. Pretty much a mother-f**king of heat, cheese and pickle-y tang. A trip to MEATmarket would not be complete without them. Corn Puppies (£4 for 4 pieces) were juicy miniature sausages coated in chilli-infused cornmeal batter and deep fried. Ideal for those with sweet teeth but still enjoying a whorish hint of heat (moi!). The new bigger stuff did not impress me as much. I found the construction of MEATmarket’s exclusive Black Palace – two patties, caramelised onions, American cheese, ketchup and mustard – nicely done but too sweet for my liking. The inclusive pickles failed to cut through. The Ripper – a hot dog featuring a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped sausage, generously toppled with pickles, chopped raw onions and shredded deep fried onions – appeared uncircumcised and was too big to go comfortably into one’s mouth. The sausage itself was juicy but verged on being too garlic-y and salty (for me); the bun (on two occasions that I visited MM) was dry. That said, the signature MEATliquor staples of The Dead Hippie and The Philli Cheesesteak are still as reliable as usual. Given no queue (so far), MEATmarket could be a great alternative for those seeking the glory of MEATliquor.


RATING: 3.5/5


The Deck
Jubilee Hall Market
Tavistock Street

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  1. TPT

    Should try the hot dog if I go again! Found the experience a bit lacking overall (just blogged it too) – especially compared to the excitement of MEATliquor, but food was up to scratch.

  2. Nick

    went today and I wasn’t that hungry so I got the corn puppiez and the poppaz. Really really good.
    If i was still working in the area it would be my go to place to pick up something to eat for sure.

  3. John

    I haven’t been to any of the various Meats and tried MEATmarket today (Monday 4pm; only a handful of customers eating; no queue). I had a Dead Hippie and can’t see what all the fuss is about. For me, Shake Shack is still the best!

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