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Tilda Diwali Supper Club @ Grazing Asia

After its launch in July, Grazing Asia Supper Club has already expanded into a Pan Asian super hub. The new and more intimate location, courtesy of GA founder and blogger Luiz Hara (@thelondonfoodie) is set in Old Street/ Islington, and the brand new hobs are ready to sizzle!!

The first of this new Grazing Asia Supper Club calendar was Diwali Supper Club hosted by Luiz and Maunika (@cookinacurry) and sponsored by household rice brand Tilda. 18 guests. Invitation only. I was not only in for a little bit of ceremonious lights, as Diwali would have it, but also a Pan Indian banquet.

Mozzarella-filled Tilda Basmati Sun-Dried Tomato rice balls were deep fried for raunchy crispy-ness and served with aromatic mint sauce, but I found more joy in murdering this plateful of chunky, gelatin-looking pineapple chutney with firm Paneer Haraa Tikka. Good, subtle hint of garlic and chilli to be balanced out by the sulphurous sweetness of the chutney.

The banquet followed…

We were encouraged to get on our feet and topple our plate with mountains of Pan Indian goodies. Food, as Maunika described, that could be found across homes in the subcontinent. I was particularly struck by the honesty of these gargantuan dishes in front of me. There were golden Keralan Fish Curry, perfumed Haraa Masala Chicken, glaringly red and mushy Baingan Ka Bharta, Lamb Yakhni Pulao and Roasted Cumin & Pomegranate Raita.

I picked bits.. and voila!

The fish curry was pleasantly done. Perfectly cooked fillets wondrously perfumed by the coconut milk. Delicate flavours. The aubergine dish had feisty kicks of ginger and chill. It gave me a tinkling sensation but was not relentlessly aggressive. The bowl of chicken thigh strips marinated and cooked in mint and coriander, however, was my favourite. Tender, light and fragrant. I mixed all this up with the rice slowcooked in lamb stock. It didn’t take me long to walk over for a second helping.

There came my demise. Two puddings..

I only managed a spoonful of this one. Bhapa Doi. A Belgali dessert made from steamed cardamom and sweetened yogurt and served with a drizzle of rich mango puree. The other dish of Tilda Rice Pancakes infused with cream and ginger looked sumptuous but alas(!) my trousers (and an expanding waistline) said no!!

Tilda Diwali Supper Club was good fun. Food of stunning proportion and authenticity. And, surely, there couldn’t be a more auspicious way to mark the beginning of the new Grazing Asia booking calendar.

Don’t forget to check out the Grazing Asia calendar for upcoming events of your choice(s) here.

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      Sorry if there’s one thing I’m slow at it must be replying!!

      Thank you very much for the clarification and translation of black salt. It was the first time I came across it and might try to do something with it at home if I could find some :-D


    • theskinnybib

      He does!! And this was taken even after he’d been looking after everyone.

      The food was very fab, too. In fact, too fab I don’t want to think of them again at this time of night >_<


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