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My 7 Links

Now I will have to try writing something that won’t sound like I nick ideas from the feisty-licious Gourmet Traveller who nominated me for Tripbase’s My 7 Links Project. It has been almost a year since I started The Skinny Bib and I have not only acquired a breadth of gastronomic experience but a few new trousers to accommodate my now-not-that-skinny waistline. Never mind eating is my reason of living..


Don’t overthink it! Bloggers publish his/her 7 Links on his/her blog. One link for one category and the categories are: the most beautiful, the most popular, the most controversial, the most helpful, a post whose success surprises you, a post that doesn’t receive attention it deserves and the post the blogger is most proud of..


Most beautiful post: The Corner Room

This is tricky. I was torn between Noma, L’Astrance, Jules Verne and Varvary or should I speedily write up Akelare which I visited last week and thought the most beautiful restaurant I’d eaten at. But, I am settled with my home-grown favourite, the artistically designed and the most elegant of all London 2011: The Corner Room by the genius Nuno Mendes at Town Hall Hotel. .. even a finished plate looked a state of art!!


Most popular post: “Emmm & Errrrmmm” also known as M & M World London

This post which is just a month’s old has outdone Dinner by Heston Blumenthal for its sheer commerciality. Admittedly I marvel at the scale of this world’s largest candy store which has just been unveiled at London’s W Hotel in the heart of Leicester Square. I was also overwhelmed by the amount (shall I say “mountains”?) of overpriced merchandise… the actual, edible M & M chocolate are very fresh though X


Most controversial post: Red Dog Saloon

I was not keen on the food there at all and clearly voiced my criticisms. The owner flaunted his opinions back..

Most helpful post: The Heron Pub “Unpretentiously Thai”

My favourite Thai haunt in London where most diners are Thai and therefore the English menu is not even half translated. I went to great length and translated the whole menu so many non-Thai enthusiasts can go and share the joy of Thai chilli.

A post whose success surprises me: Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin: Thai Food, No!?

A molecular hotspot that has recently been opened in Bangkok’s Kempinski Hotel (Thailand). I had visited its sister restaurant Kiin Kiin (the only Michelin-starred Thai restaurant in the world now) in Copenhagen, Denmark and was half-hearted about their approach. I tried its Bangkok outpost thinking many of my friends would love to read what it’s like.. it turned out the whole Bangkok was also googling it! Beautiful food, authentically flavoured, yet scientifically unnecessary.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Hof Van Cleve (1) (2) (3)

Hof Van Cleve is no.15 on The World’s 50 Best list but it is my most favourite place to eat on earth. Everything – the food, the service, the venue – about it is just so damned right. Peter Goossens is a gastronomic innovator but he does not negate the tradition that shapes his being. As this Hof Van Cleve series is one of my earliest publications on The Skinny Bib, it hasn’t been much seen or read.

The post that I am most proud of: Hong Kong in 24hr “Snake, Turtle and the Cat!”

I am very proud of my briefest Hong Kong trip. Yes only in 24 hours but I managed to visit a lot more places than I anticipated. Two dinners – one at Lung King Keen and the other at Ming Court – and hopping about for weird treats. It turned out I much fell in love with the Chinese snake soup which warmed my body up immensely. I also felt a way of connecting with my dad’s childhood experience when he had his first snake in south of China and recalled the flavours to me. According to him, my soup did taste a lot better..

Et voila.. I hope you enjoy My 7 Links ^_^


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