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Big Apple Hot Dogs: H-A-W-T Seat on Old Street!

Pitt Cue Co. is parking on Southbank and Meatwagon is heading for Glastonbury. But last Friday I was distracted by this hot dog cart garaged on Old Street. Big Apple Hot Dogs and the rumours surrounding it that this might be the best American style hot dogs in London.

Did not take much time to find. This makeshift hot dog stall was noticeable from afar. There were a few seats, one table and a cart. It is, I’ve heard, usually there from Tuesdays to Fridays from around noon until 5-6pm. Abiye was the dog-master. Cheerful and helpful in his red uniform. BAHD according to him has been around for 9 months (just a little older than The Skinny Bib then!).

Straightaway I voiced my hunger and love for hot dogs. This superbly porky aroma hit my nose while Abiye was explaining away the kinds and origins of his sausages. I nearly swooned..

There were four kinds of sausages on my visit. Frankfurter, Frankfurter Jr, Pork&Beef sausages and Pork and Garlic sausages. Each comes in freshly made soft buns Abiye picks up daily from local bakery Anderson’s of Hoxton. Each costs £3.50 apart from the Frankfurter Jr priced at £2.50. The sausages are 90% meat content, Halal and all hand made in London!!

I went for Pork and Beef. Grilled onions. Many kinds of sauces and relishes on offer. American, French, Polish mustards, sweet German or Heinz ketchup, BBQ sauce or even Thai Sri Racha chilli sauce!! Perfect way to DIY your dogs.

Et voila.. basic mustard + ketchup combo.

Attractively white bun as soft as a duvet. Slightly squeaky skin that once I bit it ruptured. O-so-juicy sausage. Intensely meaty. There was this unexplainable sensation in my mouth. I must damned appear greedy. Couldn’t really stop eating it. The £3.50 tag was a steal for this quality of such a hot dog. The best one I came across so far in this big smoke. Period.

Couldn’t quite quench my cravings but I was relatively stuffed. So I only asked for sausages tasting. No bun. Got a great deal of two for £6. First up was the Frankfurter. The most boring of all sausages. Doomed by the stereotype of them being drowned in the tin.


Check this handsome one out..

Probably a 6-7 incher. Very plump. Can’t imagine how I could fit it in my mouth with the bun. Cut open to reveal all tender meat. Tasted high quality as if the piggies were stampeding my tongue. Even if you couldn’t really give a damn about food, when you bite into this one, you’ll know it’s damned good!

And it was another rupture..

My idea of “let’s get a hot dog and go” turned into a mini sausage tasting session. Finished all off with this pork and garlic sausage. Slightly smoky. Polish in its origin. More slender but longer and curved. This was a kind of biteful sausages. Bit of meat here and there. Dense. Ahhh…

And there I was. Grinning and swallowing the joy of meat. It all brought out the kid in me.

Loved it. Loved it. And loved it.

See you soon Big Apple Hot Dogs xxxx


Filling the Big Apple Hot Dogs void… here I returned for what I had not had. Last time I was lured by the pure beef sausages but couldn’t quite have the space in my stomach left. This time there was no beef sausage on the grill. Took 5 min or so to cook so I just had a mini Frank to start!

Now I could seriously tell how marvellous the bun was. Spongy and bouncy. Not a filling dog and an ideal bite to wait for a bigger thing to come.

And it came.. my double pure beef hot dog Big Apple-style. A lot of Polish mustard and ketchup. Heavy. Perfectly minced beef sausage. Stronger taste. More chewy texture than the Frank that burst. YET surprisingly moist inside. Highly recommended if you like something different.

That’s about it..




PS You don’t have to get doubled. Single dog will also do ;)

Enough said,

My head rating says, “10 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “10 out of 10″.


239 Old Street

Tel. 07989 387 441

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  1. Amy

    Oh dear lord those look amazing. I’ve been so caught up in the London burger craze I’ve forgotten how much I love a proper American hot dog. I am honestly drooling so must seek them out!

    • Peter

      These are much better than regular American hotdogs… well better than the ones I had on my last trip to NY. I tried 5 vendors, and all where bad. If you go, try and find out the identity of the sausagemeister and where he sells his meaty sticks of goodness… and report back here. Cheers!

      • Big Apple Born & Bred

        Can’t wait to find these guys!

        As a native New Yorker, I suggest you don’t eat NY street meat… not exactly known for their hygiene! If you go back, head to Gray’s Papaya, Dogmatic, or a standard diner.

        They’re always beef over there, btw. As for the Halal pork…

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  6. P Wiggins

    I had one of these lovely tender sausages yesterday, needless to say, i was gagging for more. My friend Brian just couldn’t get enough of them, he had sauce all over his face. he actually spent his bus fare money getting another.

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