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M&M World London: Emmm & Errmmm?? At Leicester Square

I spent a good part of my evening at Hampstead Theatre, another munching Sherwarma at Beirut Express but my ideal outing concluded in a psychedelic vision of militant consumerism at Leicester Square… in the form of M&M World London.

Annexed to the newly opened W Hotel London, this M&M store boasting 35,000 square feet and spread across three and a half stories is the world’s largest candy shop. It seems a dreamland of colours for tourists and kids. Many M&M personas in different colours and postures for ultimate photograph opportunities. Mr and Missus M&Ms in action.. On the walls are hung King Henry VIII in red and Queen Elizabeth I in green. There are obviously historical inaccuracies. King Henry of M&M is sporting a pair of Croc, while the crown on Miss Elizabeth Tudor of M&M is surely NOT what Queen Elizabeth has ever been portrayed with.


What about the chocolate?

One corner — you hear me right — ONE CORNER on the basement level is dedicated to M&M chocolate. Divided by colours. Only chocolate flavoured as I came across. No peanut butter. No global flavours. Is this because of the EU restrictions??

You’ll get to pick ‘n mix the calori – SORRY!- colours only.. and that’s about it, which I’d rather go pick ‘n mix Jelly Beans at Cyber Candies.

The rest of the store… houses M&M merchandise.

From knickers to blings….

From M&M dispensers to obese cuddly dolls. From smiley saucers to smiley cushions…

There were a lot of happy customers and a lot of loiters like us who appeared in awe….

Enough said but..

I won’t attempt at rating this. JUST GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!


Ground Floor
W London Hotel
10 Wardour Street
Leicester Square


  1. Roswensian

    I have it on good authority (someone who works there) that the lack of other flavours is because of the colourings and EU restrictions.

    BUT Peanut Butter is due, she’s not sure on the exact date but she said it was possibly a Sunday!

  2. You didn’t mention the screaming! The groups of loud and annoying staff that screamed and wailed every few seconds in an attempt at enthusiasm and meant I left with a headache. Truly hideous.

    Also nearly all the small items are bizzarely priced at around the £7 mark regardless of value…

  3. Given that peanut butter M&Ms are the only ones I would really seek out, I’m glad I didn’t manage to make it there yesterday, I’d have been inconsolably disappointed.

  4. Dom

    I thought this was a truly awful place. A kind of hell.

    Staff who continually scream and cheer and 35,000 square feet of plastic tat priced at a minimum of £6.95. Don’t think I ever want to go back in there.

  5. Nathan Legend

    Hi, I get that the stuff is obviously over priced and I wouldn’t shop in there except for at Xmas. But I work there and we as staff are not annoying we are having fun, its not like we are GAP, we are a kids and tourists store aimed at people having an experience. Most people will come in and not buy anything but they will come out having had a good time, I mean that’s like saying Mickey Mouse sucks (WELL YEAH TO YOU PEOPLE WITH NO IMAGINATION AND NO MEMORIES OF BEING A CHILD). All I can say is I actually enjoy working there.

  6. Indy

    What I enjoyed most about your review of the store is your claim that you only came across the chocolate m&m’s, and then published 2 pictures of the colour wall, both showing the peanut section.
    You’ve also replied to a comment saying that you can’t imagine the store lasting without the peanut butter ones, as if one flavour will determine the success of the business.
    As with the branches in the US, it is (for the most part) a tourist attraction, and has been hugely successful so far without any advertising at all.
    Oh, and those aren’t crocs that Red Henry VIII is wearing….

    • theskinnybib

      Hi Indy,

      Thank you for your comment. To clarify..

      1) To my knowledge, M&Ms available at the World are chocolate and chocolate+peanut. The one I was mentioning as “not yet available” in my post was peanut butter filled M&M. Different ones. I have no idea if the peanut butter ones are available yet.

      2) Of course one flavour doesn’t determine the longevity of the store. Yet, considering that you can get the choc and choc+peanut M&M anywhere else in the UK, though not particularly as colourful, I feel the store do need to have flavours that make it the destination. I’m speaking strictly from a food point of view (as this is a food blog). I am sure a few people head there to check if there are other flavours too and might leave with disappointment because the only differences there are are the colours and the merchandise.

      3) The matter of success. I admit I am intrigued by the number of searches for and punters at M&M World London. At first I was ambivalent toward its success because I did not think M&M is big enough in Europe to account for the same level of success as in the US. The staff appears trying their best to create an ambiance and it is such a location for this themed outlet. So I might be wrong.

      4) I am not a Croc specialist or have possessed a pair but I am a Renaissance specialist so I can vouch for the misappropriation of costume. I know it’s a bit of joke and a matter of taste. I did not find it funny. I’m sour, hence in need of peanut butter M&M to sweeten me up. That said, I have re-looked at Croc online. They are slightly different as they don’t cover the back. You are right :)

  7. Julie

    I really do not understand why the highly coloured chocolate-only flavoured varieties are permitted by the EU but the flavoured varieties are not.

    I was very disappointed with this store because I wanted to buy some flavoured M&Ms such a mint, orange and cherry to munch in the cinema. Chocolate and chocolate/peanut only flavours are boring.

    It is true that the merchandise is tatty and over priced but it was very full when I visited and it’s obviously very popular with people with young children. Also, it’s employing lots of people so that is also a good thing.

  8. kris culmer

    visited yesterday with a friend an 2 children, had a lovely day until we visited this place!! WHAT A RIP OFF!! £6.10 for the smallest amount of M&M’s! I came accross 2 police officers an told them i’d just been robbed! Unless you can get a second mortgage………Don’t bother!

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