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Tapas Brindisa Soho: (Not) Quite A Rebirth

Not a new restaurant but a revamp. Tierra Brindisa turns Tapas Brindisa on Broadwick Street. I had never made it to Tierra Brindisa so I can’t do compare this new-born to the recently deceased. But, as Hungry In London happened to be around the minutes I needed non-academic hook-ups, we decided to pop into this Brindisa rebirth.

Heard big plates becoming smaller, too.

Catching up with the trend, it is..

Don’t mind the sarcasm. I – actually – enjoy this small plate format a lot and Tapas Brindisa got it right in the serving size. Fairly generous food. Nicely priced.

What went wrong then?

The menu is confusing. Too quirkily sectioned, yet not clearly labelled to facilitate impulsive choosing. We were warned by our waitress that the small plates weren’t that small so 4 dishes would be enough…

There they were. (1) Pan de Coca (£3.50), (2) Padron Peppers (£3.50), (3) Classic Tortilla (£4.50), (4) Escalivada (£5.50). Crusty, rustic bread but under-rubbed with tomatoes. Natural sweetness from the nicely tossed padron peppers. Tortilla pinged hot from a microwave. A lot of potatoes there was and I could barely taste egg, onions or anything else that was in it. A slap of mint was …. lost for words. I found a microwave version at El Rinco Quiteno to be more satisfying. The escalivada? Well, I jumped into getting it because of its minimalist description. Expected twists..

Unfortunately there wasn’t any…

Seriously this was one of those dishes that you’d love to eat if you made it yourselves after watching TV cookery shows. But.. definitely not at restaurants.

So.. did I turn vegetarian?

Nope.. some Jamon Iberico de Bellota from Dehesa de Extremadura (£22). The flavours befit the price. I found this to be lacking in greasy delights unlike Meson Cinco Jotas I had at Capote Y Toros.

And thanks to the waiter’s recommendations of sticking to 4- 5 dishes, we ended up with no more cooked dishes. We might be partly responsible for ordering a not-so-balanced menu. That said, sampling these nibbles, I lost the craving to order for more…

While I don’t doubt Brindisa as a great Spanish produce supplier in Britain, I find Tapas Brindisa Soho an inadequate Spanish experience. It’s not BAD but recently Spanish tapas restaurants are en vogue. I’d rather queue at Barrifina, stand and eat at Jose, or even risk myself getting hay fever strolling through the parks to Capote Y Toros. Those are where all the very satisfying Spanish food is..

We didn’t bother with desserts. Just took my lovely lady guest to Laduree Covent Garden <3

Enough said,

My head rating says, “6 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “5 out of 10″.


40 Broadwick Street

Tel. 020 7534 1690


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