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Pitt Cue Co. & My Embankment Food Crawl

Very busy and won’t be blogging again until June 2nd. Hope you won’t dump The Skinny Bib just yet.

Pitt Cue Co on Urbanspoon

Rain was my starter.. despite a small umbrella I insisted checking out Pitt Cue Co. under Hungerford Bridge (I can’t help wonder if this is a pun-intended location?) on Southbank. This is a wagon, just a metallic wagon with nothing but a stamp of a black pig. It fits right in the background of an upside-down cow spreading its legs renamed E4 Udder Belly (where meals are overpriced and kinda not “it”). Unlike the Udder Belly, PCC does yummy food specialising in pulled pork meal deals. £7 with bread, sweet cucumber pickles, and your choice of spicy black beans or rustic coleslaw. They also do beef brisket with the same trimming at the same price.



Meals – couldn’t decide so I asked for one of each. Disastrous as I had no more hand to carry the umbrella and the sky was pissing.

Last resort. The spirit of a dedicated food blogger prompted me awkwardly to cover the pork with my head. No dribbles shall find their way into my bursting boxes of meat. Loitered under one of them 60s structural things most people detest to finish my food. Damned tender pork. Very generous helping and superb quality for a £7. The pickles were out of this world. Did taste better than the Pulled Pork, Apple Slider at Spuntino. The beef brisket boast this cascade of beef. Not as moist or flavoursome but it was a decent dose I wouldn’t mind reprising.

I didn’t know how long it took me to eat but next thing I noticed was a druggie-looking homeless guy appearing standing next to me.

what the fuck should I grab?

pulled pork and beef brisket in both hands?… Hermes bag + laptop between my legs? .. umbrella on the ground?… please, PLEASE don’t fucking take my pork!!

luckily he was just selling Big Issue.. I should stop stereotyping people!


And here you go, the pork I’d rather not run away without.

Last note. Pitt Cue Co. does a lot of alcohol. Special ale and whisky. Bloody amazing hard lemonade. Good price.

PS On my latest vists, there were seatings at PCC. Yeah ^_^

I also found out later that Pitt Cur Co. does secret side specials. Fresh, juicy, bulby wild garlic came with delectable sauce. Chunky slice of aubergines in sweet vinegar pickle with belligerently amazing aftertaste of chilli. Wings and ribs were usually served in the evening too.


Gordon's Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

Crossing over the bridge I felt obliged to shout about London’s oldest wine bar Gordon’s circa 1890! It survived the Wars and if you pop inside you’ll think the Wars are still pretty much going on. Den-like, dimly lit, full of relatively aged diners reliving their heydays (in the evening the crowd changes to the younger kind reliving their paydays). Admirable framed press cuttings of Queen Elizabeth (the Second) betrothed to the now Duck, sorry, Duke of Edinburgh… give them 50 years time Charles and Camilla might make it on them walls. And Will and Kate in the next 100 years given the monarchy is still in place. Such a venue!! To be honest, I’d love it so much if Russell Norman took over the site and turned it into a hole in the wall selling meatballs!

The food – the pubby kind – looks good, reasonably priced and tastes alright.. not a blitz down my stomach.


Herman Ze German on Urbanspoon

To complete the Embankment food crawl (amid all the chained takeaways) you must stop at one shop whose logo looks very similar to a moustached cock head, a hairy corona, whatever you call “it”. Inside – goodness – they do sell long, thick meat.

Herman ze German that is!

Superb sausages. Bratwurst, Bockwurst … anything you want and any way you want it.

My own grab ‘n go indulgence which I’d like to call the curry mayhem. One Bratwurst, one bockburst, served currywurst way. No bread.


Done .. and bye bye to you until June 2nd ;)

Enough said,

My head rating for PCC, Gordon’s, and Herman ze German says, “9, 7, and 8″.

My heart rating says, “8, 6, and 8″.


Under Hungerford Bridge

Daily from 11am.


47 Villiers Street

Tel. 020 7930 1408


19 Villiers Street


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    • theskinnybib


      Sorry for not having updated. After my first trip, there are seatings scattered about near PCC now. Wish you the best of weather this Friday! X

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  4. Peter

    Went to Herman ze German straight after big apple hotdogs and had the chili beef dog. Not as good as big apple, but not bad! I can see Herman ze German becoming a staple after big west end shopping trips and boozy nights out! Finally I can indulge my love of sausage! YES! Shame I can’t indulge my other love in the UK… squid snacks!? The ones in chinatown supermarkets are gross, not a patch on the ones you can get out in east Asia :-(

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