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Laduree Au Covent Garden

Has the Covent Garden Market just gone well too posh?

First, there is the largest Apple Store in the world. Following suit is the Burberry Brit and now Laduree!!

(There are still Natwest, Llyod’s and HSBC around the corner if you are in need of an overdraft)

Looking tiny from the outside but Laduree at Covent Garden Market dominates the whole wing. This is a little doll house like cafe that does food. Stripped back decor from its flagship at Harrods and hard(er) to beat location.

I wouldn’t mind lounging there everyday.

Downstairs they do the usual affair – the patisserie.




Strictly no photography..

Well, I managed. And if I am going to pay lots, I make sure I leave with a decent set of photos. Bad attitude, I know.

The menu is French and the price can cost Louis XVI his Verseilles. Dishes are not much different from the Harrods site, but here there is not long queue.

Bread – seedy. Served warm and enjoyable.

The Duck Foie Gras with Minted Strawberry Macaroon with its Kouglof starter to share nearly lived up to its price tag (£22.50 fuck!!). Supreme quality. The acidic macaroon and menthol flavour complimented it. Gorgeous and heavenly toasted Kouglof – a kind of brioche with juicy raisins. It’s just the price tag that would boggle anybody looking after a quick meal.

But, wait, isn’t there Paul’s just around the corner? Ca y est!

I ordered scallops but it turned a roast chicken with mash potatoes shaped to resemble madeleines (£19). I said I took the dish as we did not have time to wait for another one. Not the most inspiring but very succulent and tender. It sufficed. I could eat it again. Comfort food at not so comforting price, I must add. Looking back at my perfect roast chicken at Brawn, Laduree is unacceptably pricy. But, guess we do not pay for the food but for the branding here.

My other bib asked for Le Club Crab (£19) and it was it that arrived at the table. I hated to say it’s actually worth the money (£19). Ethereal brioche bun. Zingy guacamole. Puffy white crab meat. Gently sweet and acidity from the roasted tomatoes. Crunchy shredded lettuce cleansed the palate. But, again, the £19 also helped cleansed my wallet. Chunky chips – very nice – but the salad was not dressed.

Could I add 50p for vinaigrette?

The service was lovely. The scallop-turned-chicken was just a little second day mess-up I found forgivable..

The bill was staggering (£70+) sans alcohol, as if including the hot seats for Covent Garden street performance. I shouldn’t rant too much because deep down I really like the place and can seriously see myself returning very soon. Easy food – good for those willing to pay.

We grabbed a box of Laduree macaroons on the way out.

The regular soft boxes were hidden under the counter… .. how jolly!

Verdict? I think Laduree is a Marmite cafe. Love it for the pompous tag and the averagely good quality stuff. Or, just loathe it for the pompous tag and the averagely good quality stuff. Your choice!!

Pour moi?

I am happy.

Enough said,

My head rating says, “6 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “8 out of 10″.


Unit 1 Covent Garden Market

Tel. 020 7240 0706

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    • I would love to send a big box of macaroons your way!! They’re my most loved snacks and Laduree is my most favourite.

      The food at this new branch is very good. Just the pricing issue really but as it is a strong brand I doubt they will ever reduce the price. But if you stop over for a piece of cake or macaroons plus tea, it’s quite affordable And you’ll possibly get the best cakes around Covent Garden (a marathon blog about sweets is coming soon!). At the moment Laduree Covent Garden has already got people – possibly French tourists – flocking.

  1. I love the Laduree shop. Yes it’s overpriced. Yes it’s pretentious. And yes macarons are a slightly silly sugary affectations. But it’s so totally decadent and beautiful – with displays more like a jewellers than a cafe – that I can forgive them. I recently tried making my own macarons (salty snickers recipe here and they turned out pretty great at a fraction of the price. But I still don’t think anything beats the real deal of a perfectly packaged box of different colours and flavours.

    Love the madeleine shaped potato btw!

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