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Pearl Liang

The walk to Pearl Liang reminded me of my first time watching Harry Potter. We got to the train station, found our way to Platform 8 – not the 9 3/4 – and walked up the connecting bridge into this pathway amid all the construction sites that seemed to have been there for years. Then, we were in this office area – the Sheldon Square – next to many waterways connecting to Little Venice: Pearl Liang happened to be sandwiched in one of these highrisers. It was a Chinese restaurant that did not appear a Chinese restaurant from the outside. Indeed, the menu at Pearl Liang was a good combination of modern and classic dishes. Think Royal China Club but with all the food theatrics trimmed down and the with modest flavours that delivered.

The cold starter of Jelly Fish in Sesame Oil was subtle. Springy jelly fish and fresh crunchy cucumber shreds were well tossed in fragrant sesame oil. It was quite a generous portion, too.

The Peking Duck served with Pancakes at Pearl Liang was among the best I’d eaten in London. The crispy skins were sweet and generously spiced. The meaty duck, very thickly sliced, on the side was juicy and tender. This was definitely the more affordable alternative for the same dish perfectly executed at Kai Mayfair, though it was far from my superb gastro-experience at Quanjude in Beijing. I spooned my pancake with the Hoi Sin sauce and put a bit of the duck, the skin, the shredded spring onions and cucumbers in. Everything was just bursting in my mouth!! I seriously couldn’t believe how crispy the skin was.

Lobsters at Pearl Liang can be cooked in many ways. I asked for the classic Lobster Noodle wokked with Ginger and Spring Onions. The dish looked very pretty when arrived but our too helpful waitress scrambled it all up before I snapped a photo. An attempt to reassemble the plate decor resulted in this pile of mess.. Sorry, Pearl Liang! The lobster was nicely cooked and dissected in the way that quite facilitated eating. The flavour was a little too timid for my liking despite the amount of ginger and spring onions on the plate. It all also went cold very quickly as the Lobster was not served on a hot plate. I prefer the similar version of this dish at New Fortune Cookie.

The real stunner arrived – Dover Sole in Salted Yolk Butter. Like the lobsters, you could order your fish cooked in many ways. My one came looking like plump fish fingers on baby gem lettuce leaves. One bite into the “finger” revealed the multi-textured fillings of Shitake mushroom and also the moorish taste of butter-infused salted egg yolks. Plus, the deep fried bone was also edible!!

We also got this Sizzling Sirloin Beef in Black Bean Sauce and the Seafood on Fried Rice Fook-Kan Style. Both got my two thumbs up. The beef tasted very much like beef, which was not a usual occurrence in many Chinese restaurants in London. Great quality and very delectably tender. The sauce had a bit of peppery kick and thickness that coated through all the bits and pieces. I loved it! LOVED IT!!! The fried rice was deceptively simple. Just egg and rice – greaseless, puffy grains – to be topped with sticky seafood gravy of chopped prawns, scallops, carrots and aubergines. Very intense.

Dead stuffed. I opted for this chrysanthemum Custard Buns to share. Again, they could do it two ways: steamed or deep fried. I went for steamed. Just gorgeous…

Unanimously positive feedbacks from my friend guests. Pearl Liang was a great place for those wearied of the below average Chinese food in Chinatown but not keen to trek as far as Bayswater. I seriously fall into that category. So, Pearl Liang it is ;)

Enough said,

My head rating says, “8 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “8 out of 10″.


8 Sheldon Square
W2 6EZ

Tel. 020 7289 7000

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  1. I love Pearl Liang. They make pretty awesome desserts for a Chinese restaurant and their custard buns are my fav – love the deep fried version!

    Wow… how good does that dover sole look?! I must try it next time. :)

    (I think the Harry Potter 9 3/4 was at Kings Cross though, not Paddington.)

    • Sorry the comparison isn’t made clear enough. Just want to make a point I disappeared into some obscure platform walkway at the train station >_<

      It's been my top Chinese for years too but I don't get to go back that often. Usually in summer when I go for dim sum there and walk along the canals.

      PS The dover sole was very good. That said, the crispy deep fried bone was even better!!

      • Have you had their pork belly in superior soy sauce? My god, that’s good stuff. Been often because we have a lot of work parties there!

      • Ah right… I get it now. Yeah Paddington’s tricky like that…

        Hehe… I’m lucky that it’s 20mins walking distance from me. I should go more often considering! The morning after my 30th birthday bash, I mapped out the route and it was pretty much a straight line – good thing too as I was practically crawling there that day!

  2. Ahhh, this looks good! I had the Seafood on Fried Rice Fook-Kan Style as well last time I went there, what comforting food. Pearl Liang is gonna be my new ‘local’ as I’m taking the train from Paddington to Wales. So thanks for the many suggestions :)

  3. Hello everyone,

    First of all I’m dead jealous for all the locals (or soon to be locals!). I’m close to Chinatown and there’s no such place half as good as this.

    @Su Lin – yes I had the pork belly before and loved it too!!! I usually go to Pearl Liang for dim sum (when I go for a walk at Regents Park) and that pork dish is my A La Carte exception. As far as this post went, it was my first proper A La Carte experience at Pearl Liang. And I wasn’t disappointed.

    Dead envious of your work parties -___-”

    Happy belated birthday! I think this is a place befitting celebrations of any kind!!

  4. Oh my ! Lobster noodles ! I’m so jealous: will have to go out and get some today as in HK. But this looks amazing compared to local canto rest. here to be honest! x

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