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This Is The Best…

If relationship is about compromise, eating Thai everyday is not and before my relationship fell apart chez SB, we marched duly into Goodman Maddox Street for burgers. Our verdict? Theirs are just ludicrous and here are our many reasons why this Goodman burger is the best in London.


This is BIG, O-so-big!! If you have just had your gastric band fixed, you won’t be able to stomach a mere morsel of this. If your gastric band remains intact, you can only eat the burger but leave the starter and dessert alone and call it a meal.

This is MEATY. There is meat – tender and prime and massive. Can you seriously see the bun in the picture below? And it tastes so bloody amazing it will send a vegan into a rehab.


This is MEDIUM RARE. Pink and kicking. Ok I am exaggerating. It is cooked medium rare and totally not suitable for those loving to bugger their burger with a “well-done” request.

This is MINIMALIST. You don’t get extra dollop of sauce – barbecue, chilli sauce, relish, mayo, ketchup – to smother the dead cow. Just beef, salad and a very lush brioche bun. Oh, and don’t forget this comes with a side of crispy chips!


This can be DIY. My extra protein of a fried egg is a must. They obliged. Pricking my yolk and letting it flood my meat. Gosh….


Last but not least, this is £13 sans service, which is, more or less, the same price as getting a Byron with a side chip and the guilt that you need to leave tip.

So, when people do talk #meateasy or any other burger hubs, I will only nod. I’m extremely happy with my old love Goodman because this is DELICIOUS.

And this also is THE BEST!!

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Enough said,

My head rating for burgers only says, “10 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “10 out of 10″.


26 Maddox Street

Tel. 020 7499 3776