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The Haggis Fix (Before the Plane Takes Off)

Good Bye London!

I am getting sentimental thinking I will be away from London (and its restaurants) for two weeks. My destinations, I will not tell you just yet. But, before I leave I need to get something English to stop me going mental on board; I ended up with the haggis with fried duck eggs at The Wolseley.

Well, not quite English? Scottish, yes, and with a touch of French as The Wolseley serves their gorgeous haggis on fried bread with some very rich jus.

When it comes to a meal at The Wolseley, it’s a bit of a mixed bag reaction from me. I feel the place does good breakfast and afternoon tea–the traditional Eggs Benedict are stunning!–the meals–modern European in nature–in between never wow me, and the service is never personal due to the size of the venue. Eggs Benedict-wise, if you fancy one with a twist, I’d recommend Espelette at the Connaught, though. It’s baked and just ridiculously scrumptious, light and refreshing with the confit cherry tomatoes. The Wolseley version is a lot heavier and defies all the health guidelines from my nutritionist!

The Eggs Benedict above are from the Connaught. But, yes, that Haggis and the Eggs Benedict at The Wolseley, I can’t have enough of those.

I will need to finish packing soon, and London, I will miss you very much.

Oh, haven’t you heard Chris Corbin and Jeremy King will be opening another Wolseley–to be called Wolseley Aldwich–on the corner of Drury Lane and Kingsway in autumn 2011? That’s something for everyone to look forward to, isn’t it?

Enough said,

My head rating says, “7 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “7 out of 10″.


160 Piccadilly

Tel. 020 7499 6996

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