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Me(a)t Jamie’s New Restaurant!

I finally got to go to London’s newest multi-millions-pound shopping arcade One New Change, just next to St Paul’s Cathedral, yesterday. I wasn’t wowed by the selection of shops; it’s like cloning and relocating Covent Garden to the City, isn’t it? I was there only to have a first peek–do I sound like a stalker?–at this cross continental bromance. Sorry, I mean, Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang’s daring barbecue venture Barbecoa scheduled for the flaming opening on November 5th, 2010!

Barbecoa has been attracting quite a bit of attention from the press. I recalled the Metro describing the restaurant as carnivorous and especially for “your inner caveman” referring back to Jamie’s approach to taking the cooking back to simplicity, or in Jamie Oliver’s words, everything will be cooked on various types of grill. I wonder what Gordon Ramsay thinks as another of his restaurants will be opened–where?–at One New Change–where exactly?–just opposite Jamie and Adam’s Barbecoa!! Is this a perfect example of neighbour rivalry?

What’s at Barbecoa?

Meat of many kinds–lamb, pork, beef, chicken–taken straight from Jamie’s British Butcher–which looks more like a set of the Saw films–at the ground level of One New Change and slow-cooked in the flame as the term “barbacoa” suggests.

I must say if Jamie can grill them as good as this Grilled T-Bone for Two that was once being served at Jamie’s Italian, I will be immensely happy!!

What’s more?

A massive rotisserie, or a few actually. You can see it on the right in the picture.

What else?

The uber-stunning view of St Paul’s next to your table to enhance the dining experience. Ramsay’s restaurant won’t have this! The decor at Barbecoa is rather sleek and classy, with metallic silver and gold contrasting pearl black.


There will be two entrances–as I have conjectured–one from the ground level of what looks like a Deli, the other on the first floor, opposite Ramsay’s. Not sure if the queuing works? You might as well book now!!


20 New Change Passage

Tel. 020 3005 8555

PS Special thanks to my foodie friend for letting me use her Steak photo :-)

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