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Long Live The Queen (of Puddings)

It was totally out of my frustration having paid staggering £118 for dinner at Kikuchi yesterday that I felt I should prove my point we could pay less money for a more satisfying meal.

So, we headed off to our favourite St John Bread and Wine for dinner. The restaurant–we arrived at 7pm–wasn’t too busy. The dimmed factory-style ceiling lights set just the relaxing ambiance for the evening. I order a glass of white (Bourgogne Blanc 2008) and my other bib a glass of red (St John House). Of course, just like what we did at our last meal, we ordered a mountain of food.

(1) Mallard, Elderberry, Watercress
This is a mallard salad with sweet and vinegary dressing. Fresh, lovely, meaty, though it didn’t go perfectly with my white. I shouldn’t have ordered a white really. Most of the dishes there are too bold to go with white wine. But again, I’m no wine expert.

(2) Pig’s Head, White Beans, Radishes
The pig’s head was braised to extreme softness.  The subtle saltiness from the pork worked well with the soft beans and crunchy radishes.

(3) Snail and Kale.
Similar to the snail I raved about in my older post. I found this one delightful.

(4) Hereford Beef and Stout Pie (for two)
Tender beef with intense stout sauce. St John’s version of pie filling was rather watery, which made the dish a million times lighter than the “traditional” pie you find in pubs today. Once we cracked the pie open, the boozy smell oozed out. Alcoholically appetising :9

(5) Stem Ginger Ice Cream + Madeleine (One Dozen!)
Very intense gingery ice cream. I found it too be on the very sweet side and indulgently heavy. So I ordered these madeleines to go with the ice cream. The contrast between the hot and the cold was purely orgasmic!

(6) Queen of Puddings
My other bib was rather intrigued by the name but still hesitant if he should get this or the bread pudding with butterscotch sauce. The manager recommended the Queen straightaway. It was far from being a disappointment. The pudding was heavenly, with layers of fruit, custard and crowns of crispy French meringue.

So, we had three solid plates of starters, one main to share, 3 desserts, still water (which we didn’t have to ask for a refill), three glasses of wine, and one fresh mint tea.

Guess how much all that cost?

Enough said ….

My head rating says, “9 out of 10.”

My heart rating says, “10 out of 10.”


94-96 Commercial Street
E1 6LZ

Tel. 020 7251 0848

Note: They tend to get quite packed. Make sure you book before you go ;-)

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