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La Petite Auberge

One evening, just about a year or so ago, I was abducted to this French restaurant La Petite Auberge, on Upper Street, Islington, by a friend of mine, who happened to live around the restaurant’s corner. She was adamant to prove we did not have to spend hundreds to get good French food in London.

And I was adamant she was WRONG!!!

I was totally on the fence, being forcefully dragged into this country-house looking place. God, what would my cat do if one of those wheel fall on my pretty head!!??

Seated and almost tied to the chair, I started flipping through the menu and found La Petite Auberge did cook several traditional French dishes–Boeuf Bourguignon, Saucisses de Toulouse, Coq au Vin–and serve a few types of meat–snails, rabbit, venison–not very easily to find in such a tiny place as this. What surprised me most was the pricing at La Petite Auberge, with the most expensive main course’s being only £12.95!

It didn’t take me long to order all these dishes, and when they were served, I was rather happy with how they looked.

There they were …

(1) Deep Fried White Bait with Tartar Sauce
My friend’s favourite. The white bait in golden fried breadcrumbs was light and crispy. The portion–you can see for yourself–was very generous.

(2) Venison Terrine with Walnut Bread
Again a huge portion!! The silky smooth terrine had the right proportion of saltiness and worked wonders with the caramelised onion and sultana relish.

(3) Deep Fried Camenbert with Redcurrant Jelly
My other bib’s favourite at La Petite Auberge featuring two massive pieces of Camenbert that could give you a heart attack if consumed without sharing :-P The Camenbert was perfectly deep-fried. When you forked through the crispy skin and breadcrumbs, the gooey melting cheese poured out. Mix this with a bit of the sweet, alcoholic redcurrant jelly; et, voila, a very decadent starter (for less than a fiver!).

I fell in love, right after I cleaned the plates, with this little place and couldn’t really thank my friend more for unearthing it. Unfortunately, for my lovely readers, we were too caught up in eating and forgot to snap you our main courses. Well, I guess I’ll go back to La Petite Auberge again soon and will totally keep you informed ;-)


Enough said ….

My head rating says, “9 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “6 out of 10″.



283 Upper Street
N1 2TZ

Tel. 020 7359 1046


NOTE: Don’t underestimate this small, independent restaurant. They become very quickly packed in the evening!

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