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Beirut Express: Best of Shawarma


The best Shawarma wrap in London..

Somebody told me this.

I was first taken to Beirut Express by my other bib. I didn’t do cheap caff-like restaurants back then. But, as it happened, I was thrilled by the offering at this unassuming Lebanese eatery. The theatricality is unmissable. Tons of rotating meat with the chefs’ rashly carving it off during bustling service. You could feel the aggression in the slicing, the heat burning your face and char your skin if seated at the kitchen counter.

Big menu. Not as elaborate as Maroush (of which Beirut Express is a spin-off but surpasses in taste). Get drinks from the juice bar. All squeezed to order. Great variations, including lemon, orange, melon, pineapple, carrot, and the list goes on and on and on……

An easy way to get through the menu is to get a Mixed Starter (Houmous, Babaganoush, Parsley Salad, Moussaka, Pickled Vine Leaves, Falafel, Yogurt). £10? A melange of many things so delicious. Velvety houmous and delicately smoked babaganoush. Infectious. I couldn’t really eat them anywhere else now. Chunky bits of aubergine in tomato concentrate for their moussaka. Crispy skin falafel. So fragrant. I could go on and on about this!! The platter comes with warm flat bread and pickles.

Not particularly keen on the vine leaves.. but it’s my personal preference.

Our “special” = Halloumi Cheese

They do grilled and deep fried ones.. great quality cheese it squeaks when you eat. Inch-and-a-half thick!!! I love the deep fried ones but never manage to hang around and take pictures. Expect bursting crusty cheesy and something gummy inside.

And the Shawarma wrap. Mine is usually of mixed meats. Chicken and lamb. Wrapped in warm flat bread. Crunchy onion and salad. Garlic and chilli cream.. (sometimes it can be greasy but) it always satisfies me ^_^

And to finish off my meal.

Half a kilo of Baklava to go. At £6. Crispy layers not drown by the honey. Clear and generous crushed cashew nut filling. Too bad they don’t do any other variety. It suffices..

After years Beirut Express becomes the kind of greasy finger food I couldn’t resist. Many impulsive trips at midnight (as the place is shut at 2am). There will be a queue. There is always a queue at any time of the day.

More than happy to wait.. for all that food.

One thing. Don’t expect too much for the service. They’re there to do the job… not to smile and start conversation.

Enough said,

My head rating says, “10 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “9 out of 10″.


112-114 Edgware Road

Tel. 020 7724 2700


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  2. James

    Spot on! The food undoubtedly is probably one of the best I have come across in London. If they could improve their service, it would have been so much better! I generally hope to make reservations over the phone or through websites like Book a table to avoid hassle, however, it is something that can never be possible here. I definitely recommend the food, could we call this the best takeaway?

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