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Packing for Barcelona!

The Skinny Bib is, if you haven’t known by now from my Facebook page, going to ….


It’s actually meant to be my holiday with a lot of food, plus a complimentary five-night stay courtesy of the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona.

I seriously can’t wait. I’ve been to Spain and I fall head over heels for its vibrant, fresh, delicious cuisine. And just J’ADORE the tapas :-9

A few weeks ago, after buying my travel guide, I stopped by at Fino to revive my Spanish taste bud and indulged myself with Tortilla, the Spanish omelette cooked with potatoes, my all-time favourite Spanish dish. I must say, Fino, on Charlotte Street, can do some really nice and unique ones. I picked this Tortilla with Morcilla, which is a Spanish version of black pudding.

This beautifully round Tortilla contained loads of gooey onion gravy inside that–LOOK!!!–burst out once I plunged my knife into it! Can you imagine I will be eating a LOT more of this when I get to Barcelona  ^_^

I also got a small pot of Arroz Negro, also known as Squid Ink Paella with some chewy bits of squid, flavoured with garlic and olive oil. I loved the rice that was cooked slightly al dente. And I will also be eating all the BEST ham of Spain ….. My waistline has just doubled its size thinking about this!

O! As for the gourmet treats, I won’t be going to El Bulli–just couldn’t be arsed getting a table really–but will be checking out the World’s 4th Best Restaurant, El Cellar De Can Roca, in Girona, and also Can Fabes in Sant Celoni. I’ll do some cool places in Barcelona too but I’m keeping them secrets for now, but not for long, so keep checking The Skinny Bib!

Enough said ….

My head rating says, “7 out of 10″.

My heart rating says, “7 out of 10″.



33 Charlotte Street

Tel. 020 7813 8010

NOTE: The restaurant is actually off Charlotte Street. Look for a small alley next to Roka corner.

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