Noma: 3 Days Before the World's Best Restaurant
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Noma: 3 Days Before the World’s Best Restaurant

On 13th April 2010 I walked into Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark, not knowing that three days after it would become the World’s Best Restaurant.

Here is what so good about it..

The name “Noma” derives from “No” as of “Nordic” and “mad” meaning food. Head chef Rene Redzepi and his team, obviously, serves Nordic cuisine, though in some heavily and innovatively brushed up forms. The restaurant makes it clear that their approach to fine dining isn’t about an abundance of foie gras, caviar and truffle but innovative Nordic cuisine and shared heritage. This gastronomic stance isn’t at all alienating to us foreigners whose knowledge on Nordic food stretches no further beyond Gravadlax and IKEA meatballs. Why? Because with every dish comes the chef (who meticulously prepares it) to our table patiently and kindly explain away the ingredients and methods of cooking. They spoke fluent English too..

I opted for a Noma Nassaaq, a 12-course tasting menu that fused Noma’s classics with new inventive dishes.

(Amuse Bouche)
These were two of five amuse-bouche: chicken skin crackers with lumpfish roe and herb crackers with vinegar dust. Prior to and between these two were Pickled Roots, Savoury Salmon Cookies, and Radish with Edible Soil. This was followed by freshly made bread with goat’s milk curd and pork fat. Every dish tasted refreshing and NEW!!!

(1) Beetroot, Sorrel and Rapeseed Sauce

(2) Dehydrated Scallop and Watercress, Biodynamic Cereals and Beech Nuts
Intensity from the thinly sliced, dehydrated scallops with extra texture and crunch from the nuts. Rich squid ink. Incredible.

(3) Raw Chestnuts with Lumpfish Roe Sauce

(4) Half-Roasted Langoustine Tail with Purple Dust and Mayo

(5) Root Vegetables Wrapped in Milk Skin, Squid Ink, Herbs
My most favourite dish of this world!! So subtle, creamy, fresh and full of texture. I would die to have this again.

(6) Blanched Onion, Roasted Onion, Onion Compote with Cheese and Tapioca Pearls

(7) Spider Crab, Leeks Coated in Ash, Breadcrumb

(8) Various Pickled Root Vegetables with Pork Bone Marrow
This was heavenly savoury. The flavour of the pork in bone marrow was brought out to the max, turning this almost into a “meat” dish.

(9) Danish “Meat Loaf” Served with Lingonberry Juice

(10) Celery and Celeriac Ice Cream with Herbs
This was the first desserts up and the weirdest I’d ever tasted in my life. The unpleasant flavour anybody would associate with celery was taken away. What’s left was the mild and fresh flavour that worked well as a palette cleanser before more goodies came!

(11) The “Snowman”
I really couldn’t remember what’s inside but it was sour and a real brain-freezer!

(12) Jerusalem Artichoke, Apple and Malt
Chew-y malt discs. Clear acidity from apple and velvety artichoke cream to mediate.

All dishes stunned me in their sophistication and refined taste. I turned happily speechless, totally uncritical. That’s actually something as I didn’t usually shut up LOL I recalled my first comment outside Noma that this was way beyond Heston Blumenthal’s molecular gastronomy because Redzepi plays around with more simpler ingredients to maximise the experience of the taste bud. Heston (referring to his Fat Duck) is too gadgety for my liking. Style over substance, if I dare say.


To conclude..

GO FOR: Unforgettable experience of vegetable eating.

(read about rating here)

Strandgade 93, 1401

Tel. +45 3296 3297



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  17. Hahahah….well said! The carrot juice is to die for as is the pine and apple! And as you said, it’s not comfort food, but it is comfortable, light, nostalgic and surprisingly good for you! quite a few changes from your menu to mine, but it all makes me want to go back again and again!

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